Hi, I’m Kika




My story truly begins in 2009, when I finally realized I couldn’t live a life without art and I decided to quit my high school and move on to a different high school where I could study something I had become passionate about: photography. As I ventured into the world of audiovisual arts I discovered my love for special effects makeup and horror photography. I experimented a lot on myself and started making self portraits alongside photos for which my friends and family modeled. It was a creative revelation, but shortly before I graduated somehow the battery of my camera got lost and the stress of the deadlines took it’s toll. I moved on to other things and for the next four years I tried two different educations, of which neither worked out.
During the last year I spent in college, in an attempt to study graphic design, I started to miss photography more and more. Suddenly a miracle happened, the lost camera battery suddenly surfaced magically. After four years. I took it as a sign that I had to start again. I made a new self portrait series, called the Chameleon series, of which the title is self-explanatory.

Soon after I finally mustered the courage to start asking models to work with me and I created the ‘La Muerte Bella’ series, inspired by the work of Izima Kaoru, in which I strived to portray beauty and death in the same image. This was also an important part in my quest to find a direction, an aesthetic and to reconnect with photography as a whole.